If you recently moved to an area with hurricane seasons that deserve attention, you may not be familiar with the driving conditions that it can encompass. It is best to stay off the road in tropical storms and hurricanes, but you may not be able to avoid driving during times of heavy rain and winds. Aside from having a running car and being an alert driver, the most important aspect of safe driving is the car's tires. Knowing how to make use of these tires to maintain the highest level of safety on the road is essential.

Get Tires Built to Withstand the Rain

The tires on your vehicle can have a huge impact on your driving performance in rainy conditions. It is worthwhile to spend a little extra money to get reliable tires. If you are willing to change tires after hurricane season comes to an end, you can go for ones with peak rain performance. But, if you want ones that you can keep on throughout the entire year, you will want tires that also excel in dry conditions.

Steer Clear of High-Risk Targets

The highest quality tires will allow you to quickly act on the road. But, while you may feel confident about your driving capabilities once you get the right tires, you still want to stay away from risky targets. Tall vehicles such as trucks, SUVs, semis, and moving trucks can get blown in the wind. It is ideal to maintain some extra distance from them by slowing down or speeding up to avoid staying side by side. Being patient and driving slow will give you the best maneuverability, especially when combined with fitting tires.

Keep a Portable Tile Inflator on Hand

Hard tires are better for gas mileage, but they put you at greater risk in the rain. This happens when your tires are overinflated, so it is even more important to avoid this during hurricane season. However, you will also experience a higher chance of getting into an accident with underinflated tires. The key is to carry a portable tire inflator in your vehicle that you can use at any time. It is helpful to write down the air pressure that your tires need to avoid having to look it up in your vehicle's manual during a heavy storm.

Just checking up on your tires with a visual inspection and determining the air pressure once a month is not good enough during hurricane season. Using these methods will maximize your safety on the road. For more information, contact Lee Tire or a similar company.