If your drive to work involves navigating through winding mountain roads or curved country terrain, you may sometimes worry about your safety as your vehicle skids on some gravel or clips the edge of the road as you approach a corner too quickly. When it comes to keeping you safe and allowing your vehicle to hug these curves with ease, your choice in wheels can be crucial. What wheels will improve your commute while keeping you from an accident? Read on to learn more about the best tires for commuting on sharply curved roads.

What should you look for in wheels for driving on curvy roads?

Your ideal wheel choice largely depends upon the weight and size of your vehicle. Ultra-light vehicles may have trouble gripping the road on tight curves, requiring heavier wheels to keep a low center of gravity. Cast aluminum wheels can often fit the bill, as they're inexpensive and heavier than some other types of aluminum wheels (without being so heavy that they'll affect your fuel mileage or cause you to feel bogged down). These cast wheels are made by melting aluminum and pouring it into a mold, although a variety of different processes can be used to move the aluminum into (and through) the mold. Any type of cast aluminum wheel should improve your vehicle's performance, so the right choice may primarily depend upon your available budget. 

On the other hand, large trucks and SUVs or heavy cars may benefit from the use of ultra-light forged aluminum wheels. Unlike the melting process used to create cast wheels, forged wheels are fashioned with high pressure that allows them to maintain a high level of strength and durability while remaining one of the most lightweight options available. Upgrading your heavy vehicle to these lighter wheels can improve both your fuel economy and your driving experience.

What tires will improve performance while increasing safety? 

Curvy mountain roads are one of the hardest types of terrain for tires to handle -- so when choosing new tires for your wheels, you'll want to go with a tire that promises long-lasting tread and all-weather performance. Although you still may not hit the tire manufacturer's suggested replacement mileage before your tires begin showing signs of wear and tear (or before your vehicle requires an alignment), choosing a slow-wearing brand should help extend the lifespan of your tires far beyond that of less durable ones. 

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