If you want to extend the life of your tires as long as you possibly can, you need to make sure that you avoid the things that hurt your tires the most. Here are the four things that you should avoid if you want your tires to last as long as possible.

#1 Hitting Curbs

Try the best you can to avoid hitting the curb when you pull into and out of parking spots. Hitting the curb readily can cause long-term trauma and wear to your tires, which will result in a shorter lifespan overall. If you have trouble with hitting the curb, try to park in open parking spots without curbs. You can also set up a mock parking space at home and practice parking and stopping in time. Remember, if you are not close enough to the curb you can always inch your way closer.

Also, try to avoid hitting the curb when you make turns. If this is a regular occurrence for you, go to an empty parking lot, set up cones, and practice turning. Once you become more comfortable with your vehicle and aware of its size, you should be able to reduce the frequency in which you run into curbs.

#2 Overloading Your Vehicle

Another way to quickly shorten the life of your tires is by overloading your vehicle. Although it is okay to pack your vehicle really full every once in a while, such as when going camping or coming home from the grocery store, it is not good for your tires to overload your vehicle on a regular basis.

You should strive to not put more weight into your vehicle than it is designed to handle. You should be able to find the weight limits for your vehicle listed in your owner's manual. Watch your car the next time you fill it to the brim, you may notice that your vehicle sits lower and feels a little different when you drive. When you fill up your vehicle, your shocks and tires have to take on all that weight.

Generally, when you fill up your vehicle, you are putting things in the trunk and backseat. That can lead to uneven distribution of weight onto your back tires, which can cause them to wear out faster than your front tires.

If you can, break up big loads into smaller loads or rent a larger vehicle with a bigger weight capacity when you need to carry a bunch of stuff with you, such as when you go on a road trip or move.

#3 Improperly Inflated Tires

You need to keep your tires properly inflated. Failing to keep the proper air pressure in your tires can lead to numerous complications. Your vehicle may not handle or drive as smoothly when the tire pressure is off. You also increase the risk of your tires blowing out when your tire pressure is off.

Check and adjust the pressure in each of your tires every couple of months. Remember, it is not good enough to just check the pressure in one tire; the tire pressure is an individual measurement that can vary from tire to tire, so check and adjust the pressure in each one.

You should be able to find the recommended air pressure for your tires inside of your owner's manual.

#4 Starting & Stopping Too Abruptly

Finally, don't make it a habit of starting and stopping too abruptly. Slamming on your brakes every time you need to stop will not only wear out your breaks, it will wear out your tires too. Burning rubber every time you pull out from a light will also greatly decrease the life of your tires.

If you avoid the four things above and take proper care of your tires, you should be able to get the maximum mileage out of them. Click here for more information.